2015 Service Area

To provide excellent service to the astounding number of local residents and businesses who are interested in our subscription program, we need to narrow our service area.  Notice in the graphic below, our 2015 Service Area is defined within the blue-shaded region.  Additionally, we are excited to continue providing service to homes in Wild Quail and The Village at Wild Quail.

For those who subscribed in 2014 but reside outside the new 2015 Service Area, we would like to offer two options for 2015:

  1. Submit $40 to subscribe for 2015 & we will deliver the flag just as we did in 2014.
  2. Submit $100 to purchase the flag setup (including pole and sleeve).  You will own the flag setup, store it at your residence, and display it at your discretion.  To purchase the flag setup, please call or email.  Delivery and installation may be available.

Beginning in 2016, the subscription option will only be available to those within the service area.  ONLY the purchase option will be available to those beyond the service area.

Click here for additional program details.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us:

Email:  cwrotaryclub@gmail.com

Phone:  302-526-0727

AuthorCamden-Wyoming Rotary Club