These guys know how to have fun...all in the name of service to our community!  Self-titled, "Flag Construction Sub Committee," Camden-Wyoming Rotary Club members John Kirby, Steve Welde, Jack Royston, Jim Grilli, and Dave Walczak have volunteered multiple times to construct flags for our Flag Display Program.  They installed the banner upside down once (as a prank); otherwise, their handy work is top notch.  These flags are ready to fly proudly throughout our community.

Our program has become quite popular.  To keep up with demand, we've had to purchase additional flags.  This most recent construction day put our total flag count at 300.

On Veteran's Day 2014 (less than two weeks away), more than 30 volunteers will display over 245 flags at subscribers' homes and businesses.  For 2015, our goal is 250 flag subscriptions, and we're excited to have 110 confirmed subscribers already.

For more information about our Flag Display Program, check out the webpage.

AuthorCamden-Wyoming Rotary Club