Graphic of the Club Finder tool on the website.

Graphic of the Club Finder tool on the website.

Rotary members are encouraged to maintain perfect attendance at weekly meetings because we realize that our organization is the most effective when we meet often enough to sustain positive progress in the array of tremendous projects we undertake.  Rotarians are some of the busiest people you'll ever meet; they're always on the move.  As such, it is not always possible for a Rotarian to attend his/her primary club.  So, Rotary International provides multiple tools to locate clubs nearby -- wherever you are in the world.  See below for information about the website locator and apps for mobile devices.


Easy to use.  All you need is an internet connection.  Click on the link, input your current zip code, and press search.  Within seconds, you'll see a list of the Rotary Clubs nearest you, including their meeting time and place.


Apps for Mobile Devices. 

Have an iPhone, Android, or BlackBerry device?  Download this app, and you'll always have quick access to Rotary Club info right in the palm of your hand.

GOOD LUCK!  Hopefully you'll visit our club someday!  See our meeting details on the Events page (click here).

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